Sunday, June 26, 2011

June 26: First Meeting @ Metricon

So today, the luckiest girl in Caulfield and I headed off to Metricon to have our first meeting.

We met with a sales consultant, Mark, who was incredibly friendly and helpful. During the week I had already emailed him a copy of the title, so he could start planning what houses could fit on the house, and raise any potential issues with us.

He came armed with plans of the different types of houses, beautiful images of the facades, prices for absolutely everything, and an answer to all our questions. I found it especially interesting talking to him as an investor and his experiences, as he pointed out a lot of tips, and gave us a heads up about things we should definitely put in versus things we could look at putting in after the build.

We went through every room, and all the different options, coming up with more and more questions as we went. Houses were discarded after their costs blew out, and we ended up deciding on the Glendale.

And by deciding on the Glendale, that's where we are at right now. This could change. I love the Riva, the Tribeca, the Burleigh and the Addison. It's a big big big decision. More to come...

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