Friday, July 15, 2011

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off to Officer We Go...

So in the pouring rain, we drove from Metricon's head office out to a suburb called Officer in Victoria's South East. This was not just a display village for Metricon, but it had all of the main McMansion companies down there, all showing off their different styles of homes.

Even though our Glendale hasn't been built yet, (not even a spec home) we ventured down there to get our heads around the size of the ceilings, the layout of the rooms etc. We went and checked out the Whittaker and the Riva. The Riva had room sizes that were comparable to the Glendale, so we went to have a squiz and see if it affected any of our current thoughts and decisions.

The Riva was stunning. As I imagine all the spec homes would be. We walked around, checked it out, and then decided to check out the Whittaker next door.

The Whittaker is 10 squares bigger than the houses we were looking at, but we fell in love straight away. It looked amazing.

As we were standing in the kitchen, I looked at it and realised the space in which the Whittaker allows for the kitchen and the dining room, in the Glendale is the Kitchen, Dining and Family Room.

Glendale Plans

Whittaker Plans
It was pretty narrow across the hall to fit in the kitchen the dining and the living room, so my added on rumpus room, which is where the living room is in the Whittaker plans, has now become an open plan living room ala the Whittaker. Essentially we have changed the whole Glendale into a mini Whittaker. The Luckiest Girl in Caulfield has requested the butler's pantry set up, with a door to the corridor as well, and I have enclosed the study and the front room. 

The thing that suckered me in the most was the outdoor room. Initially I was against it. It rains too much in Melbourne. It's too cold to want to sit out side in an outdoor room. But the spec home suckered me in big time. So much so that one week on, in the cold dark of a Melbourne's Winter Day, I still want my outdoor room! 

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