Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Glendale 34

So we've decided on the Glendale 34. Now the fun part. Everything else.

The Luckiest Girl in Caulfield is absolutely wetting herself at the prospect of spending five hours inside Metricon's Studio M and picking every single thing, from what colour the hinge should be on the laundry door, to the type of splashback in the kitchen and everything else in between.

As long as I get a pool table in my man cave, well then, I don't really mind what shade of tile decorates our laundry.

We're heading out to Metricon again this weekend to have a chat. I have a few questions, such as, if you look at the floor plans, can we extend the master bedroom over the garage and utilise that space? Can we close off the sitting room at the front of the house and turn it into a 5th bedroom? Who under the age of 90 uses a sitting room anyway?

The indicative pricing for the Glendale is $242,000 for the house, and a hidden $50,000 in "site costs". What this means is anyone's guess. They require a soil sample, which I am sure will find some rubbish jargon which requires an administrative fee of $12,500, because hey, why not?

Then the rest gets spent on all the upgrades. How a driveway is an upgrade defies me, but if you're going to pay for the house, you're hardly going to bail on the driveway. Just more and more ways to extract a few extra $$$ out of you.... Stay tuned.

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    What was the total cost of your build not including the landscaping?
    I am very impressed with their floor plan.
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    Much appreciated.